Bulgarian Rugby Club


Barbarians started like RWC 2015

Sofia Barbarians are ready for new season 2015/2016 just like all teams in the World Cup 😉


Sofia Barbarians 19.09.2015 Our first game in the new season 2015/16 first row: Francis Stewart, Aleksandar Petrov, Svetoslav Nasvady, Ognyan Hranov, Matt Beadsworth, Zdravko Minkov stand-up: Konstantin Boev, Stefan Popov, Zhelyaz Boyadzhiev, Ivats Boyadzhiev, Vladimir Isikiyski, Stefan Hranov, Alfredo de Cristofaro, Plamen Hristov, Hristiyan Kostov, Hristo Cherkezov

Bulgaria, Sofia, 19 September 2015, 4 pm at National Sport Academy.

NSA Sofia  47 – 15 Sofia Barbarians

Bulgarian Championship rugby started at the same time as the Rugby World Cup in England. This year will participate nine teams in three groups on a regional basis. Barbarians are a group with NSA (bronze medalist of the 2014/15 season) and Academik (fifth from the last championship). We will play for game in autmun.

Sofia Barbarians Scorer: Svetoslav Nasvady 1 try, 1 PK, 1 conv. and Frnacis Stewart 1 try

First rugby clash for spring …



Sofia Barbarians 0 – 45 Yantra Gabrovo

22 Mart 2015, Kostinbrod

Barbarians played rugby first game for 2015 in Kostinbrod against a strong team of Yantra Gabrovo. Guests led by coach Trifon Kostadinov, who until recently was the head and the national team of Bulgaria have ambitions to win the championship. Yantra had superiority in the game and clustered in a wrap, like their better team movement bringing them outnumbered and scoring nine trais in the game, most marked after long rallies.

And what about the barbarians  Strong game on the third line, as number 8 Thibault Paturle and Zhelyaz Boyadzhiev made many tackles as you normally do in three, four games. French forward debuted us to this position and a strong showing. Forwards actively playing defense and partly in attack, where we made a lot of line outs lost and we could not possess for a long time. The game of the backs was complicated against them had much faster and more sophisticated opponents. Debut of positions 10 and 12 did Stefan Hranov and Michael Zheliazkov who have more experience in the forwards. Great movement with the ball and dangers that did came from Svetoslav Nasvadi snd Sive Dzhibirov was difficult to capture by the enemy. Debut for Barbarians made Niki Miloushev  and Andy Candela, who will be remembered with strong punctures the position of number 8. A decent match held all of our players, which is good for us 🙂???????????????????????????????

Team Sofia Barbarians: 1.Konstantin Boev, 2.Zdravko Minkov (15 ‘Todor Nikolov 45′ Stefan Popov) 3.Tsvetan Angelov (45’Nikolay Miloushev) 4.Denislav Petrov 5.Stefan Antonov 6.Ivats Boyadzhiev 7. Zhelyaz Boyadzhiev, 8 .Tibo Paturle (45 ‘12 number) 9. Veso Stoyanov (45′ Alexander Petrov) 10.Stefan Hranov, 11.Sive Dzhibirov, 12.Mihail Zhelyazhkov (44 ‘ Andrea Franco Candela number 8) 13.Svetoslav Nasvadi (Cap .) 14.Ognyan Hranov 15. Niki Kostadinov 🙂


Rugby game in honor of the liberation of Bulgaria

Will once again celebrate the liberation of Bulgaria with rugby..

Lions and Haydutitе will play in Kostinbrod (close to Sofia) , Sunday, March 8 at 13:00 at the stadium “Belitsa”.

The traditional game on the Day of Liberation of Bulgaria will be held for the sixth year and orderly once again organized with the joint efforts of the rugby clubs Barbarians Sofia, Murphy’s Misfits Sofia and rugby players from our other native clubs. As the second time will be held in Kostinbrod stadium Belitsa. 

Both teams are named “Lions” and “Haidutite” and are determined by all players welcome. The two skippers select players for their teams. The winner receives a trophy as the national flag of Bulgaria. 

All are welcome to join the game, watch and have fun with rugby 🙂

Rugby 2015 in honor of the liberation of Bulgaria on 3 March